Join us for this year's scouting experience!

  • Do you think the idea of thousands of scouts standing together and singing a common song is nice?
  • Do you think it’s fun to meet peers from other countries with the same interests as you?
  • Do you think it’s cool to be challenged? And overcoming yourself by doing things you didn’t think you could?

If you can say yes to the above questions, then Tydal Jamborette 2024 is definitely for you! Because with scouts from South Schleswig, Denmark and the whole world, it will be the wildest Jamborette ever.

That happens at the camp

You can read more about activities, hikes, the camp newspaper and much else that will happen at the camp here.

Future festival

Thursday, 25 July 2024, is earmarked for a very special event - a FUTURE FESTIVAL. Together, we must give the camp’s children and young people a set of skills to face the future. The themes: creativity, communication, sustainable food, problem solving and teamwork form the starting point for today’s programme. Read more here.