A camp by all, for all, with all

A group of scouts sitting around an opening campfire Photo: Kira Kutscher

The camp must be created and shaped by the participants’ own ideas. The Scouts must be involved in the development of the activities that take place during the camp. It can be a feature for a campfire, activities designed by the scouts, or experiences at a common gathering place. At Jamborette 2024, there must be room for everyone who has the courage and desire to be part of a community out of the ordinary.

Jamborette 2024 must create lasting experiences. Both scouts and leaders will take home new skills. Scouts must develop new and familiar skills and have the opportunity to meet new friends. The leaders must feel a positive and attractive leadership community both in their group and the entire corps.

We would also like to invite the South Schleswig community to participate and contribute to the camp. It could be one of SdU’s other organizations responsible for an activity, Aktivitetshuset, which helps with printing of Tyddelyt or Grænseforeningen, which comes by and tells robber stories about the border country. We want the scouts to grow with the responsibility they are entrusted with and the skills they are allowed to develop. The scouts must get a feeling that they are part of a community where they can be allowed to be who they are.

In short, we want the Scouts to become courageous citizens who dare to take responsibility and are confident in themselves and their skills.

A camp with sustainability as a foundation

A couple of scouts cooking Photo: Tim Rediger

As scouts, we protect nature. We want nature to also protect us and the next generations. At Jamborette 2024, we will involve children and young people in how and why we make sustainable choices. The scouts must get a concrete experience of what positive difference they can make to nature. We want the camp management to work with concrete goals for sustainability within the individual committees. This can take the form of organic food delivery, good opportunities and incentives for sustainable transport (e.g. cycling to the camp, shared transport, public transport), or activities based on sustainability.

We want to leave a handprint on Tydal that can be felt and seen. In collaboration with Tydal’s manager and the corps management, we will find a sustainable project that can benefit scouts and Tydal’s guests in the long run.

We want to leave Tydal and our surroundings better than we found them.

A camp in the outdoors

A scout patrol on the hedge Photo: Tim Rediger

Jamborette 2024 is a tribute to outdoor life. The camp must create a framework for the scouts to get out and experience nature. Every Scout must join; helping to find a way, helping to have experiences, and helping to solve challenges.

The camp must offer opportunities for the Scouts to develop in nature. Trees must be climbed. Trees must be sailed on. Hills must be climbed. And the scouts can do it all.

A large part of the lasting experiences must be created in harmony with nature. The scouts must go out into nature, whether it is to go on a North Sea hike, to sleep under the open sky or to eat burnt food for a primitive food competition.

Space must be created for reflection in nature. There must be space for the scouts to explore Tydal’s nature without coercion. We want to create breathing holes at the camp, where the scouts can be themselves and discover nature through play. This can be created by utilizing forest clearings and hammock workshops to set the big ideas in motion or by preparing small, independent games that take children and young people on adventures in nature.

The scouts must go out and learn to get along with nature.