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The leaders at Tydal Jamborette 2024 are not just helping to give hundreds of scouts an experience of a lifetime. You also have the opportunity to have an experience with new or old friends, become smarter and feel the experience of being part of a strong community.

We will continuously update this page with important information as the material becomes clear. If there is anything you are missing, please contact us.


Right now, pre-registration for Tydal Jamborette 2024 is open. You can read more here.

That happens at the camp

You can read more about activities, hikes, the camp newspaper and much else that will happen at the camp here.

Future festival

Thursday, 25 July 2024, is earmarked for a very special event - a FUTURE FESTIVAL. Together, we must give the camp’s children and young people a set of skills to face the future. The themes: creativity, communication, sustainable food, problem solving and teamwork form the starting point for today’s programme. Read more here.


As part of the future festival, all groups are given the task of preparing a small activity. Read more here.

Practical information

We have collected a lot of practical information here. If there is anything you are missing, please contact us.

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