Future Festival

Thursday is earmarked for a very special event - a FUTURE FESTIVAL. Together, we Scouts must develop a set of skills to face the future.

Thursday will be a very special day at Tydal Jamborette 2024 - it is earmarked for FREMTIDSFESTIVAL! Together, we will equip the camp’s children and youth with skills that will help them face the future. Creativity, communication, sustainable food, problem solving and teamwork are the themes that form the basis of today’s programme.

It will be a day filled with fun and educational activities where the scouts can express their creativity, improve communication skills, delve into sustainable cooking, solve problems and strengthen cooperation in the camp community. So look forward to a day that prepares the scouts for an exciting future!

The detailed program and more information will be announced closer to the camp.


All groups are given the task of preparing an activity of approximately 10-15 minutes that can accommodate at least 10 scouts at a time. Each group is assigned a specific theme on which their activity must be based. Before the day, you must write to info@jamborette.de no later than one month before the camp if your activity requires special materials, prints or food.

The themes are creativity, communication, sustainable food, problem solving and teamwork. The groups are assigned a topic after the final registration.

Have your parents and family visit

Thursday, July 25, 2024 is the official visiting day – we’ll announce more as we get closer. Keep an eye on the page ‘What is Tydal Jamborette 2024?’ for more information.