What is Tydal Jamborette 2024?

Welcome to Tydal Jamborette 2024 – Danish Scout Association South Schleswig (DSS) corps camp, which brings together scouts of all ages from near and far! For the 14th time we are holding the international ‘Tydal Jamborette’ at Spejdergården Tydal, and this year the camp takes place from the 20th-27th. July 2024.

DSS is the only Danish scout corps outside of Denmark. We are a nice little group that lives south of the border in Germany and often speak with a slight accent. We are based at our beautiful Spejdergård Tydal, a huge natural area for scouting.

At Tydal Jamborette 2024 there is a unique opportunity for children and young people to explore nature, build lifelong friendships and develop practical skills. We want to inspire and challenge the scouts’ imaginations, create lifelong memories and promote values such as community, sustainability and outdoor life. Therefore, there will be a lot of activities dealing with these topics.

At the camp, the scouts will, among other things, go on a hiking trip somewhere in South Schleswig, visit a Viking village, and quite the contrary be trained for the future. We are very much looking forward to welcoming all the scouts who come to visit.

Read more about DSS at spejder.de, about the camp’s vision here and about Tydal at tydal.de.

Come visit

It will be possible to visit the camp, completely free of charge. Thursday, July 25, 2024 is the official visiting day – we’ll announce more as we get closer.

You can read more about finding your way to the Tydal Jamborette on Tydal’s website.

Send mail to the camp

You can send mail and packages to scouts at the camp. However, make sure to send them off in good time, especially if the package has to cross the border to Germany.

Send packages to:
Tydal Jamborette 2024
[Name], [Group]
Tydal 1,
D-24852 Eggebek