Jamborette 2024's theme Foto: Tim Riediger

Jamborette 2024's theme

The camp has chosen the theme for Jamborette 2024

We bond

This theme, combined with our 3 core values, creates the framework for the work both before, during and after the camp. You can read more about the 3 basic values by clicking here. “We bond” has been chosen as the camp’s theme because we believe it is time to bond closer than ever. And bonds can be formed in very different ways. Bonds can be made with both known and new scout friends, with other scout groups, committees, associations and many others. As camp, we see huge potential in weaving these ties between different actors together. We in the camp believe that there is a lot of potential in forging ties with different actors.
At Jamborette 2024, we will discover how we connect and strengthen these bonds with each other, thus creating lasting memories and together we can have an unforgettable camp experience.