Practical information

Scout farm Tydal

Tydal Jamborette 2024 will take place at Spejdergården Tydal, a protected natural area down towards the Trene river, which in summer offers good bathing opportunities. Tydal’s area covers a total of 74 ha of land with ball fields, forest and camp sites. The nearest towns are Eggebek (2 km) and Tarp (4 km). Spejdergården Tydal is centrally located and suitable as a starting point for bus trips to the region’s many historic sites. Find more information at

Transport to Tydal

Tydal Jamborette 2024 is all about sustainability. Therefore, the camp will encourage you to arrange shared transport to the camp. The camp management can help with contact between the groups.


The nearest railway station is in Tarp. From here it is a short walk of 5 km to the Jamborette. Tickets can be ordered via DSB (to Flensburg) and DB (Flensburg to Tarp).


Buses can stop close to the campsite. If there are not enough of you to fill a bus, you can contact one of the other participating groups and arrange shared transport.


The jamborette can also be reached via good cycle routes from DK. From Denmark you have to hit Hærvejsruten no. 3 or Østersøruten no. 8 - get an overview of all national cycle routes at From Flensburg you follow the route “Ochsenweg” to Oeversee, here you turn towards Tarp and Spejdergården Tydal. As a real stage race in the Tour de France, a yellow, green or dotted leader’s jersey is offered to everyone who has taken the bike to the Jamborette. Remember the bike helmet! 🚴


It is possible to push a trailer to your own campsite. It is not permitted to drive a car on the campsite area. As a rule, trailers must not be left on the campsite during the camp.

Sanitary conditions

There are toilets and showers with hot water in the campsite area. The participants take turns cleaning the facilities.


At Tydal, we sort waste according to the applicable regulations in the area, i.e. according to German sorting standards. You can read more about waste sorting at Tydal Jamborette 2024 at Please note that waste can only be handed in at certain times during the camp.


You can find more information at

Flag raising and ironing

There will be a joint flag raising at 9:00 on the parade ground. Which group is responsible for flag raising and ironing will be delegated on the day of the leaders’ meeting. The flag must always be taken down before sunset, but no later than 20:00

Future festival

Thursday 25 July is earmarked for the future festival. You can read more here:

Visiting day

Thursday 25 July there is an open house at Tydal Jamborett 2024. Here you can invite your parents and friends to an unforgettable day from 1.30pm - 5.00pm.


A classic hike with a twist. We won’t reveal anything yet - but we promise it will be wild!

Packing list

Must be used for personal equipment:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad
  • Tableware
  • Drinking bottle

The patrol must also carry:

  • Tent poles and Tarpaulin for bivouac
  • Kitchen equipment for cooking
  • Pot for fire


Food delivery

Opening hours

  Morning Dinner Evening
20.07., Saturday     17.00-19.00
21.07., Sunday 7.30-9.00 12:30 - 14:30 17.30-19.30
22.07., Monday 7.30-9.00 12:30 - 14:30 17.30-19.30
23.07., Tuesday 7.30-9.00 12:30 - 14:30 17.30-19.30
24.07., Wednesday 7.30-9.00 12:30 - 14:30 17.30-19.30
25.07., Thursday 7.30-9.00 closed due to joint lunch 17.30-19.30
26.07., Friday 7.30-9.00 12:30 - 14:30 17.00-19.00
27.07., Saturday 7.30-9.00    

Cold room for medicine or special needs

There will be the option of a cold room for special needs. For example, storage of medicine, or people who bring their own food due to allergies etc. Contact to reserve a place in the cold room.

Kitchenware packing list

In addition to the usual scout cookware, you need a potato masher, a grater and a can opener. To avoid using tinfoil or cling film, you can bring beeswax food paper/beeswax wraps (30cm x 30cm). It could be advantageously done as before a task at a scout meeting.

Starter package

Each group is given a starter box with common spices and waste bags, as well as a cookbook.

The group’s campsite


As a starting point, the existing campfires on the assigned campsite must be used. A new one may only be dug if there is no fire pit. Newly dug fire pits must be swept after the camp. Campfires must be left nicer than they are.

Grease traps

Grease traps must not be dug on the campsite itself, but in a safe place in the vegetation. Food scraps must not be poured into the grease trap - only waste water.


A regular use of firewood is included. Firewood sheds can be found on the camp map.


There are rafters on Tydal. Each group has the opportunity to build a regular camp site. Raftegård can be found on the camp map.

Plant box

All groups will be given some wooden planters planted with spices that can be used for cooking. The groups must subsequently take these planters home in the group. Attached is a picture to suggest the installation of the planters, but you are free to be creative yourself. We suggest you choose pioneer rope or hay spinning twine/sisal for the installation.


Life at the camp

Kiosk “Sand & Scout”

Opening hours: during the lunch break (13-14:00) and after the 2nd activity period at 17:00 -18:00. We reserve the right to make changes. We make boards where opening times for the kiosk are updated during the camp. This will be in front of the kiosk, so just stop by and check it out!

The kiosk offers a wide range of delicious snacks, soft drinks and ice cream if the weather is good. In addition, there will be an opportunity to buy some Scout merchandise.


Café Ohana Oasis: at 9:30 to 18:00*, 19:00-22:00**
Adult area (18+): 22:00 - last sale at 01:00.
Opening hours subject to change.

The cafe will be the camp’s meeting place over a cup of cocoa or coffee. There will be sales of various drinks, both hot and cold. In addition, it will mostly be possible to buy some cake. There will be space to gather with new and old friends and just relax from the busy camp life.

*The cafe will be open most of the time, with the exception of certain events, where it will be closed for the rest of the camp. **After 10 pm it will not be open for children and young people under 18 years of age.


Payment in the cafe and kiosk will take place in Euros in cash.

Quiet and prayer room

There is access to quiet and prayer rooms on the first floor of the main building. The room is open all day, every day of the week.


Tyddelyt is your camp newspaper, which is published physically every day and can be read in different places at the camp. Here you can see pictures, read articles about today’s events and get relevant information about tomorrow’s events.


There is wireless internet in some places on the square. Please contact the camp office if access is required


From 23.00 is sleeping time and we ask to be quiet at the campsites.


It is possible and permitted to bathe in Treenen under the supervision of our own managers.

Mobile charging

It will be possible to hand in mobile boxes with several phones at a time. In addition, it will be possible to charge individual mobile phones in the café area. However, both things happen at your own risk.

Forgotten and found

If you have forgotten or found something, contact the camp office!


Smoking is only permitted at campfires and in the courtyard.


Bringing alcohol is not allowed at the camp. If you want to enjoy alcohol, you must be in the café area on the market square, where it is possible to buy wine and beer after 22:00. The age limit for the bar is 18 years.

Map of the camp

You can already click on the camp map to see an overview of Tydal Jamborette 2024. But remember that changes may occur at any time.



If a fire occurs that you cannot put out yourself, call 112 and then contact the camp office immediately. Always remember to have a bucket filled with water by the campfire. Feel free to bring fire jackets.

Oil line

An underground oil pipeline runs across the Tydal area. This is marked with red/white poles. No digging, lighting fires or setting up tents within a distance of 5 meters on both sides of the oil pipeline.


In Germany, the voluntary fire service is alerted using sirens, which howl 3 times in the event of fire, accidents, etc. These sirens are tested every Saturday at 12.00 with a single howl. Should you hear the sound of a siren one of these days, don’t panic, the siren is important to the volunteer fire brigade, not to us scouts.

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