Practical information

Scout farm Tydal

Tydal Jamborette 2024 will take place at Spejdergården Tydal, a protected natural area down towards the Trene river, which in summer offers good bathing opportunities. Tydal’s area covers a total of 74 ha of land with ball fields, forest and camp sites. The nearest towns are Eggebek (2 km) and Tarp (4 km). Spejdergården Tydal is centrally located and suitable as a starting point for bus trips to the region’s many historic sites. Find more information at

Transport to Tydal

Tydal Jamborette 2024 is all about sustainability. Therefore, the camp will encourage you to arrange shared transport to the camp. The camp management can help with contact between the groups.


The nearest railway station is in Tarp. From here it is a short walk of 5 km to the Jamborette. Tickets can be ordered via DSB (to Flensburg) and DB (Flensburg to Tarp).


Buses can stop close to the campsite. If there are not enough of you to fill a bus, you can contact one of the other participating groups and arrange shared transport.


The jamborette can also be reached via good cycle routes from DK. From Denmark you have to hit Hærvejsruten no. 3 or Østersøruten no. 8 - get an overview of all national cycle routes at From Flensburg you follow the route “Ochsenweg” to Oeversee, here you turn towards Tarp and Spejdergården Tydal. As a real stage race in the Tour de France, a yellow, green or dotted leader’s jersey is offered to everyone who has taken the bike to the Jamborette. Remember the bike helmet! 🚴


It is possible to push a trailer to your own campsite. It is not permitted to drive a car on the campsite area. As a rule, trailers must not be left on the campsite during the camp.

Sanitary conditions

There are toilets and showers with hot water in the campsite area. The participants take turns cleaning.

Rafters and firewood

The participation fee includes the usual consumption of rafters and firewood. This means that each group has the opportunity to build a regular camp site with a dining table and entrance portal. If you have plans for major construction projects, please contact in advance.

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